Health and Wellness Celebrations and Rituals, by Lisa McFarland-2006

March 2006, I opened the Houston location of Center for Health and Wellness. When the year anniversary rolled around I took some time to create a celebration ritual:

Health and Wellness Celebrations and Rituals, by Lisa McFarland

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: Light a candle and gather some small pieces of paper. Write down your dreams, what you most want, and imagine beyond what you think is possible; place yourself into how having your dream will feel. Fold up the papers and put them in a container somewhere safe. I use my personal alter. Then in one year, on your birthday, open all the little scraps of paper where you wrote these dreams the year before. This is an amazing process where I find exciting changes have become present time. Then I write new ones for the next year. Really stretching what I feel is possible, but that I most want and feel energized by.

PERSONAL ALTER: What is a personal alter? Not really an alter but a place where chosen items and special photos are placed. A place where there is a daily reminder of pleasant thoughts. It might be a place where you keep your birthday box (see above); a photo of yourself as a small child feeling particularly loved and or special; it might be a piece of your grandmother’s jewelry that reminds you of her love. What ever is most dear to you or reminds you of special places and things in your life and heart.

NEW HEALTH PROGRAM: Take a clue from season change to begin a new health program. There is more to spring and summer than allergies! Find an exercise buddy or join a support group but get out there and take control of the choices you make to move towards a better YOU and feel better. A new season offers seasonal produce, opportunities to cleanse your system and experience opening up your senses to seasonal shifts.

ENERGY MENUS-A technique created by Henry Morrow and Lynn Sellers of Transitions Unlimited: Make a list of all the things that give you energy. Stroking your cat’s head while looking into loving eyes; taking a walk, a hot bath; getting a massage; exercising; playing guitar or listening to music; hearing your child laughing; singing;….think about it, and add to the list as you go. Start making a habit of thinking about it daily. It creates a totally prosperous vibration for yourself and it is fun.

THE IMPORTANCE OF FUN AND CELEBRATION IN RELATIONSHIPS: Speaking of fun…..Did you know research shows fun can strongly and positively impact your romantic relationship? It is often a challenge to carve out time for fun. Make plans for mutual fun. You’d be amazed how many outdoor events there are; fun runs; art exhibits; free lectures, etc…Plan it and put it on your calendar!

THOUGHT CARE: Thinking of the phrase “I deserve it”; not to justify a new purchase or to balance some rationale, but what if the idea “I deserve it” applied to all our thoughts, every day. What if we deserve to think all the time, “What do I want?”. Now I admit there are folks in the world who seem to need no encouragement on this front, some that don’t even realize it! Amazingly. But for right now we are just talking about ‘you with you’. How do you think to yourself? How many times a day do we treat ourselves like our very best friend in the world. How often do we replace “I should or I ought to” with “I really want, I dream of, I am in bliss over….deeply imagine” ~ think about it!

MAKE COMMON GOALS-VISUALIZE A GOAL TOGEHER: O.k. Here is the next challenge; working out this visualizing exercise as a team. Again I see some folks who build their whole relationship on this one, and they, trust me have mastered this art. What would your partner say if you ask him to, close his eyes and visualize some event three months from now, and quietly get and focus on emotionally being excited about it, TOGHETHER? But ask him to visualize a fishing trip or his football team winning and there is your passion, he just spent the last two weeks on that dream! So focus with your partner and give it a try.


Lisa G. McFarland

Bodywork Somatic Therapist, Medical Intuitive-Certified Intuitive Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist

Lisa began her private practice in 1988 after receiving her initial CranioSacral training from Dr. John Upledger. Lisa completed a four-year medical intuition program taught by Drs. Caroline Myss and C. Norman Shealy, April 2004. Center for Health and Wellness, is a continuation of a community resource vision for health and wellness.

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