LOOKING FOR BALANCE and Finding Health and Wellness

Self-care and balance
Today I hit the wall…what wall? Did you see that wall? Was it an invisible wall?
My wall hits me when the balance between self-care and caring for others is out of balance. My needs for self-care determine how good a job I do at the office; how much I enjoy what I love to do in my profession; and how productive I am and can be. When I miss some self-care piece of the puzzle I can only go so long before the pendulum swings back and … then you have the proverbial wall.
Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do more than almost anything. The bliss that happens when I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for my client…this is bliss to me. This is where the flow of life feels absolutely perfect! There is a kind of balance here, but there is self-care that happens to make all the elements right. My own self-care and being at my best.
The older I get, the more I feel there is a shift from thinking of this type of self-care as a luxury to a necessity. It isn’t an age related issue. I think it is all about balance. It is a healthy, life affirming, vitality appreciative, joy…it is a necessity.
There is a learning curve for all of us. Learning to take a wellness day; getting a massage periodically; having a good support system in place for wellness; knowing what our nutritional, sleep, time for ourselves or other needs are, make balance possible.
It is like imagining an internal battery. My battery got use to being depleted, when I was doing care for my elderly Mom for a prolonged period of time. It left a kind of imprint or pattern that I see now has been ‘resetting itself’ into a less stressed pattern; relearning the balance of  a “full battery charge”. So sometimes it takes more work to help the pattern of self-care re-balance. Health is worth it! You are worth it!
I encourage you to take time for yourself today. This beautiful time of stepping into spring, of the change in where the sun is in the sky, and find your balance. I thank you for your support in all of us being healthy and loving ourselves, taking time for what is important, finding it, loving it, appreciating it and living it.
In health and wellness,
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