The challenge of explaining the mind-body connection in bodywork

One of my very favorite philosophers was Decarte. In the article in Science News, ‘To have a sound mind, a brain needs a body’, BY TOM SIEGFRIED 5:00PM, AUGUST 26, 2011

Mr. Siegried states:

‘Decarte committed a serious mental blunder when he decided that the mind doing the thinking was somehow separate from the brain it lived in. Nowadays, though, everybody with a properly working brain realizes that the mind and brain are coexistent. Thought processes and associated cognitive mental activity all reflect the physics and chemistry of cells and molecules inhabiting the brain’s biological tissue.’  

Siegried’s thoughts stir the imagination because I love the topic of the mind body connection. Candice Pert revolutionized this with her mind-body research and though Mr. Siegried takes his essay into a conversation about artificial intelligence, this statement of the mind-body and ‘chemistry of cells and molecules inhabiting the brain’s biological tissue’ is stimulating.

The body needs the mind..that they are communicating back and forth in both directions via the central nervous system…is a concept I try to explain to my clients when I am working with them. There is a mix of the mind’s reality and how the body is experiencing the in flow of information. My challenge has sometimes been how to explain how the body absorbs experiences and how the stage of development at the time of impact is usually threaded together with the actual injury.

It is not magic, or essentially gift of psychic capability, but it is an ability to listen to the body. An ability to hear the tissue and be open to its information. Each situation is unique and the mind-body connection is a valuable element of this process.

I love the magic of the human body and its emotional tapestry that is our human experience. The braiding of emotion, sometimes commitment of thought, and perhaps even moments of fear or shock that feel like stillness, that emerge as the body opens and integrates information.

The moment of aligning the mind-body can be as simply as creating a quiet environment (both mentally and physically through relaxation) required for this communication; to discussing what comes up and allowing integration through other means or bodywork technique. But the human body and the mind-body connection is magical. The central nervous system and how the body works is as beautiful and it is amazing.

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