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The Low Carb/Ketosis Diet Coaching Group taught by Leslie Anders, B.S., M.Ed., ACE Health Coach/Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Coach, HSI Chronic Care, was a big success and we are planning another group coaching class. Join us to learn how to lower your body’s inflammation, balance your blood sugar levels and learn ways to support your health!

Starting October 15th I will again be accepting new Pediatric Clients!! I am excited to be adding CFT Cranial Fascial Therapy to the list of Pediatric Cranial work I offer. Please click this link to read more on Dr. Barry Gillespie/Brain Score Approach.

Effective Immediately: Appointment calls will be returned within a 24/48-hour window;
Call-backs for New Clients will be between 9-10; 12-1:30. Appointment emails will be returned
throughout the day, and in the evenings.  

Lisa McFarland, L.M.T., CIC  and Center for Health and Wellness:

Bodywork/massage: for self-care, maintenance, and long-term balance, (also available in packages of ten).
Bodywork for pain: assessment and treatment: massage, moist heat, CLL (cold laser light).

Integrated Bodywork: a combination of cranial work, intuitive work, meridian work, and soft tissue/visceral release to allow the deeper body to release, through the central nervous system.

Archetype/Intuitive Coaching: refocus of the energetic blocks into archetypal symbology; with the emphasis on transmuting the experience into empowerment.  Appointments via skype, facetime, phone and in person.

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.”
― Caroline MyssAnatomy of the Spirit

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