Summer Health Community News:

I am newly certified in Trigger Point Therapy. Also, I encourage you to take care of yourself and your lymph system through massage, reduce your stress levels and increase your wellness. You deserve it! 

Center for Health and Wellness
Empowering the Individual with Mind-Body-Spirit
Health and Wellness Center

Community Goings-On:


I am excited to be hosting Low Carb Coach Leslie Anders
to my home for a cooking tutorial!

The secret to long-term success in this healthy eating lifestyle is;
1) substitutions and spices and 2) easy cooking:
learning quick easy methods to make enjoyable and  no fuss meals.
Meals that allow you to more deeply enjoy this diet. 

Saturday, May 14th
Join us near The Healing Space, for tutorials, cooking demonstrations, eating these dishes, recipes, shopping lists, inspiration, and great conversation!  It is more than a diet it is healthy living:Lisa: or 713-443-6163.Leslie:  Click here to see a video

Leslie Anders, B.S., M.Ed., ACE Health Coach/Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Coach, HSI Chronic Care
Leslie Anders, holds degrees in Masters of Education in Education and Counseling, and Bachelors of Science in Biology and Physical Education. Her practice as a Wellness Consultant and Weight Loss Coach involves teaching a variety of wellness and fitness skills and combining all her education and 30 years of experience, to empower the individual, or group, in learning about wellness health. Committed to research and staying current with information, Leslie’s education may be her strength but empowering individuals and inspiring groups are her true talent. She has conducted health fairs, developed and administrated wellness programs, and is a Master level Personal Trainer. She also holds a certificate from Health Science Institute as a Chronic Care Professional. She is currently working on her Registered Dietitian degree through the University of Houston.

 Healing Practices Series with
at The Healing Space

Thursday, April 28th  7:00-8:30PM
Second in the series: GRATITUDE
Practicing gratitude increases positive emotions, reduces the risk of depression, heightens relationship satisfaction, and increases resilience in the face of stressful life events. But, gratitude doesn’t always come naturally.
Explore the benefits of a gratitude practice and learn ways to implement practice into your own daily habits. For More Info: Shannon 713-520-6800or email

Community Shout Out:

Suzan Cotellesse at The Jung Center

Mother Path/Other Path: A Workshop for Women without Children  May 6 and May 7th, 2016   
Living as a woman who will never be a mother in the traditional way is a significant female experience that is often unnamed or marginalized. Whether because of a decision your body made, one you forgot to make, one you made freely, or one you struggle with today, this reality evokes its own unique feelings, experiences, and considerations that deserve to be named and shared in the company of like women. Join other childless or child-free women on the “Other Path” as we tell our stories, grieve our losses, explore our challenges, discover our fertile gifts, and birth our creative desires.
Suzan Cotellesse is a psychotherapist, supervisor, consultant, and trainer. She enjoys 33 years assisting individuals, couples, and groups with personal and professional changes, challenges, conflicts, and crises. Her therapeutic expertise includes trauma resolution and women’s empowerment. For More

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